Grants and Donations on Offer

From today parish residents can apply to the council for a grant or donation towards an event or project that will benefit the community.

At its meeting on 30 July, the parish council adopted a formal way for residents to apply to it for support for their projects. Awards will generally be to groups or organisations; they cannot be made to individuals. The details are:

Who can benefit?

Bridgwater Without Parish Council has a small budget for the award of grants and donations. The Council can only award these by using certain powers under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, This allows the Council to award grants and donations to community organisations, schools and other local groups and is a power specific to the activity for which the grant/donation is sought, such as grants to a sports club or a music festival. In other cases, it may decide to use this power to make an award where it feels that to do so will benefit some or all of its residents or some or all of the area. The critical words are some or all in both cases. This means that awards to individuals are not feasible, and awards where the activity would not obviously benefit Bridgwater Without residents are equally problematic – however worthy the Councillors may feel the project to be.

What is a grant for and who is it for?

As Bridgwater Without Parish Council is funded only by its local residents, the aim of the Parish Council’s Grant Scheme is to promote a vibrant community in Bridgwater Without. The scheme recognises and supports the valuable contribution made by the voluntary sector to the well being of the community. It provides financial support for community organisations working for the benefit of residents, with the intention of improving the range of services and activities to the community. Grants may be towards capital (fixed) items, running/operating expenditure or to defray a loss incurred.

How much is offered?

Any amount offered is entirely at the discretion of Bridgwater Without Parish Council.

For donations the amount will normally be between £50 and £250
For Grants the amount will normally be between £250 and £1,500

The council may decide to offer part of the sum requested or offer a contribution dependant on other sources of funding being obtained.

It may also offer to underwrite a loss up to a specified limit (e.g. £1,500)

More information and application forms:

Included in the policy documents are explanatory sections and application forms:




The Application Process

The Grant/Donation Release Procedure


Donation Application Form

Grant Application Form

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