Beware Tele-Scammers

You may have seen the programme on ITV last night about the crimes committed by scammers and the devastation of their victims who often lose much of their money. Sedgemoor District Council (SDC) has issued a warning about a scam happening now, here in the parish.

A person is telephoning Sedgemoor residents saying they are from SDC and/or NHS or SCC and saying they have compensation for them for their recent accident and directing them to pass over their bank details (to the scammer).

SDC advises anyone getting these calls to take the person’s name and number and to phone Sedgemoor Direct on 01278 435435 to check they are who they say they are. Under no circumstances should they give out personal details to the caller. – (But always make sure the person phoning in has hung up before you dial out – or, better, use another phone or you could talk to the same scammer again.)

Another approach if you suspect the person calling you is a scammer (if their, unknown, number shows on your phone or they suppress their number you have a clue) hang up without having any conversation; that way they can’t trick any information out of you.

SDC has alerted the Police and Trading standards.

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